Project Access is an international social enterprise that fights inequality in higher education by widening access to top universities. We help underprivileged students apply for, gain admission to and succeed at top universities – for students, by students and forever free of charge.
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The Problem

Disadvantaged students are less likely to apply, less likely to receive an offer and less likely to graduate than their higher-income peers - even when they receive the same exam results.


Our Solution

We've created a highly effective, global mentorship network to match talented applicants with current students. Our mentors help students apply, gain scholarships and meet their entry requirements.

We also work directly with university admissions teams to help implement cost-efficient, high-impact initiatives, using the insights we've gained by helping over 1,000 students apply to top universities.


Our Impact

Last year 63% of our applicants received an offer from a top university, compared to an average success rate of 15% for the universities we target.


Some nice things the press has said about us

"What really excites applicants is how our focus on tailored peer-mentoring allows them to speak to someone who has recently gone through a similar application journey, someone they can relate to." New Learning Times
"Project Access,  an organization to level the playing field for college admissions, impressed the judges and won $72,000"
 - Creator Awards
"Students from junior colleges and polytechnics that are under-represented in top British and American universities now have a network of mentors to help them get into such institutions." - The Straits Times
"Managing the dreams of the top universities" - Dagens Industri (Sweden)