Project Access is an international social enterprise that fights inequality in higher education by widening access to top universities. We help underprivileged students apply for, gain admission to and succeed at top universities – for students, by students and forever free of charge.
Become A Mentor

Why Become A Mentor?

Through Project Access’ peer-to-peer mentor network we match talented applicants with current students at the world’s best universities. Each mentor provides applicants with information, application feedback and support throughout the application process. Some mentors even go beyond this, and act as role models for high school students in their own country or community by giving talks and doing outreach workshops to inspire and support underprivileged students applying for top universities.

It’s a minimal time commitment that can make a real impact on someone’s future – we think that’s worth doing!

Sounds interesting? Read more about who we are here.

Change lives

Being a mentor at Project Access is incredibly fulfilling. Help other students from your community and pay it forward – you just might change someone’s life.

easy-to-use platform

We provide you with the tools you need to be the mentor you wish you’d had. We will handle the administrative side, and leave the good karma for you to claim.

low time commitment

All of our mentors are very busy – and we understand that! To make sure you are not matched at the wrong time, we will give you the opportunity to opt out before you are given an applicant.

unique network

Be part of one of the fastest-growing social enterprises in the world (while gaining some CV points) and help us make a real difference!



How it works

Sign up

If you wish to become a mentor, you can sign up at the bottom of this page, and enter our database of amazing mentors. We'll provide you with a set of guiding materials.


We do a tonne of outreach activities and find a cohort of passionate applicants!


When a prospective applicant asks for help, we match you via email so that you can share your story, exchange tips, and give feedback on their application.

We match people with similar backgrounds and academic interests so that you can truly act as a role model to your mentee. Please note that it may take anything from a few days to a few months before we find a mentee for you to help, but the earlier you sign up the greater the chances are that applicants receive the help they need when they sign up!

You can gain more insight into what we do by clicking right here.


Bam! You’re matched, and have the opportunity to support a super keen applicant through the application process by being a mentor and super rolemodel.

Together with your mentee, you decide when and how to communicate – to fit both your busy schedules.

All mentoring happens online (Skype, FaceTime, email etc.) – so you can help from wherever you like!

We provide you with the platform, background and information you need – as well as ongoing support. It doesn’t have to be time-consuming, but we promise it will be rewarding.

So, if you think being a mentor sounds interesting, do sign up now!


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