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As a team of mainly Hong Kong students, we realised that there is an abundance of talented students in Hong Kong who have never even considered pursuing overseas higher education opportunities. Whether this be due to a lack of resources, financial support, or even confidence, we believe that students with great potential should not be prevented from reaching their dream universities around the world, merely because of their socioeconomic background.

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Our Mentorship Program


If your application to us is successful, we will match you with a mentor specific to your subject area. These subject-specific mentors will:

  • Provide a reading list;

  • Give personal statement advice and help;

  • Help with aptitude test preparation (Note: not all subjects require completion of an aptitude test)

  • Hold mock interviews, providing feedback and tips to help you prepare for admissions interviews


If your application to us is successful, we will match you with a scholarship mentor. These scholarship mentors will:

  • Discuss all available scholarship options with you;

  • Give advice on scholarship applications;

  • Hold mock interviews, providing feedback and tips to help you prepare for scholarship interviews.

Eligibility & Selection Criteria


Our programmes are only open to students who wish to attend either University of Cambridge or University of Oxford this coming September. We would encourage you to apply if you are one of the following:

  • Studying in a local (Hong Kong) secondary school at S5-S6;

  • An existing first-year university student who wishes to reapply at another university;

  • Currently taking DSE/A-Level/IB or equivalent exams

Students who are under the age of 16 at the point of university entry are not eligible to apply.

If you are not currently eligible, but are interested in future mentorship opportunities and access to our resources, please register interest by following this link:


Due to a limited number of mentors, we are unable to provide all applicants with a mentor. Priority will therefore be given to students who:

  • Come from less privileged backgrounds;

  • Attend a local school, taking the DSE curriculum;

  • Are self-driven and motivated;

  • Have a relatively strong academic record.

Those from households around or below the median family income as determined quarterly by the Social Welfare Department. We will ask for proof upon admission into the programme (the cut-off point as of Q3 2017 is $9500 per person) OR fulfils one of the following:

  1. Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) (綜援)
  2. Low-income Working Family Allowance (低收入在職家庭津貼)
  3. Half Grant/ Full Grant Textbook Assistance (書簿津貼)
  4. Travel Subsidy (車船津貼)

If you do not fill any of this criteria, please do not be discouraged from applying: applicants may be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, taking into account a number of factors, before we make a decision.


  1. Sign up by filling out the following form:
  2. Fill in an additional form:
  3. Students applying for certain subjects* will then receive a sample aptitude test from Project Access, Hong Kong via email. Please follow the instructions and send it back to by the deadline July 31st, 2018. All details will be stated in the email. Late applicants will not be considered.

*These subjects include: Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Biomedical Sciences, Chemistry, Classics, English, Modern Languages, Oriental Studies, Computer Science, Economics & Management, Engineering Science, English, European and Middle Eastern Languages, Geography, History, Human, Social, and Political Sciences (HSPS), Human Sciences, Law, Materials Science, Mathematics, Medicine, Natural Sciences, Philosophy and Theology, Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE), Physics, Psychology (including Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics), Religion and Oriental Studies, Veterinary Medicine.