Country Team Member | UK

Ready for a challenge? Take on a leading role in one of the world’s fastest growing non-profit educational startups. Become part of a team of talented, ambitious and driven individuals. Play a vital role in an organisation fighting for a world where only passion and potential define a child’s future.

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Head of Social Media

Are you eager to combine an eye for creative content with the important strategy aspect of marketing? Are you checking for new likes on your new profile picture to an extent that is concerning? Are you an expert in posting at the right, like-maximising, time, and do you want to be the person who shares the problems in the field, the important updates and the life-changing stories?

Then we would love to speak to you!

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Knowledge Base Team Member

Project Access would like to build the world's best Knowledge Base for access to the leading universities in the world, powered by the super cool AI-tool Gluru! A bit like Google for studies at top unis - just with a really really high quality of information!

 If you are eager to share your insights from the application period, this is your opportunity to help a lot of people in a really scalable way!

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