Digital Marketing Team Member

Are you an SEO ninja? Can you get us to the top of Google? And would you think it would be cool to help manage a $10,000 budget of Google AdWords credits every month?

If yes, this role is for you! As a Team Member on our Digital Marketing Team you will be responsible for getting our digital marketing efforts up to speed. As part of our approval as a non-profit, we have obtained access to $10,000 of AdWords credits every month, and we want to put these to use.

You will be working closely with our Executive, Product and Knowledge teams and a major part of your role will be to make sure that our new Knowledge Base will be the go-to place for studies at top-universities.

Experience with digital marketing such as SEO is preferred - e.g. through the free Google AdWords certifications. But if your a complete stranger to the field, but just hungry to learn, we would love to speak to you as well. 

The position is unpaid. 

Apply here! 🚀