Journey Team Member

Are you excited about motivating bright low-income students? Do you know how to tell a good story? Would you like working in the intersection of tech and content creation? Then look no further - our Journey team is for you!

We understand it - we're talking about this magic "journey" everywhere, but what is it really? Well, in short, it's about providing the right information at the right time for applicants. It looks something like this:

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 09.26.43.png

With our journey, we will not only eliminate countless hours of unnecessary research for the applicant, but also be a really good source of inspiration and knowledge for potential applicants. And we think that solving the "jungle of information problem" will lead to more applications from low-income students. 

As a team member on our Journey Team, you will work on creating content tailored to each applicant using tech-tools such as TypeForm. You can work on our back-end to make sure that our Journey uses the information we have on the applicant to tailor the content in the best possible way or work on the different journey modules. 

The Journey will, already this year, be distributed to +1,000 amazing aspiring students. This is thus a really scalable product that will impact thousands of lives. This is your opportunity to help us prove that a low-touch intervention like our Journey can change lives! 

For questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Director of Journey, Frederik, on

The position is unpaid.

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