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Project Access England is Recruiting!

We’re growing - so can you.

Ready for a challenge? Take on a leading role in one of the world’s fastest growing non-profit educational startups. Become part of a team of talented, ambitious and driven individuals. Play a vital role in an organisation fighting for a world where only passion and potential define a child’s future.

Who are we? Project Access England fights inequality in higher education by widening access to the world’s best universities for underprivileged students. We’re part of a global organisation with over 1700 mentors, and we’re bringing the power of access to England.

What do we do? Project Access helps low-income students apply for, gain admission to and succeed at top universities. To do so, we have created a peer-to-peer mentor network and free one-stop admissions platform – including intelligent emails, an online knowledge base and application guide, information and support. For students, by students – and forever free of charge.

Role: Central England Team Member; starts 23/04/18

Tasks and responsibilities include:

1)    Teamwork and Collaboration: You will be expected to work efficiently and effectively in a team of up to 5 members to accomplish your personal goals as well as constantly keeping the overall aims of PA England and the entire organisation in mind.

2)    Outreach & Partnerships: A large part of your role will consist of raising awareness of PA on campus, as well as helping to sustain a constant mentor and mentee recruitment drive and developing corporate partnerships

3)    Strategy & Leadership: You will also be required to carry out research, oversee Campus Teams and strategise for the future of the England team

Growth Opportunities: We’re a team of high-achievers, and we’ll constantly give you opportunities to grow within and outside the organisation - that could include stepping up to Global roles!


(Deadline: 5pm Monday 16th April)